When is the best time to paint your house exterior?

Jun 23, 2023

Painting is the best way to change your home's appearance. The splash of paint can make the dull space look beautiful and vibrant. Professional painters in Melbourne at Victoria Master Painting can offer you new painting and repainting services for your home exterior. 

However, it’s important to consider the weather when deciding to paint your house exterior. Temperature, as well as other exterior climate factors, can influence the paint application.

The weather can also affect the finish and the time it takes for the paint to dry right. So, when is the best time to paint the outside of your house? 

The truth is there is no universal prime time to apply a coat of new paint on a home exterior. It depends on the climate and weather conditions of the region you live. But what you can easily know is when the condition is right. 

The blog discusses choosing a favourable time to paint your house exterior in detail. Read on to know more. 

What is the best weather to paint outside of your house?

The weather should be favourable for your paint job to look good. The temperature and environmental factors present at the time of application directly impact how the paint dries. 

So the best time to choose for painting house exterior is when it's warm and dry days. Or the appropriate weather for exterior painting is typically early summer and early fall. On these days, there is less possibility of precipitation and less change in day-to-night temperature. It would guarantee the paint would apply easily and get the chance to dry and cure fully. 

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Things to consider when choosing the best time to paint the outside of your home? 

When choosing the ideal time to paint your house exterior, monitor the weather for a few days before and following your painting day. 

If it has rained recently, your siding will take a few days to dry off before you start painting completely. It is also the same for the day after application, so you want to ensure it won't rain while the painting is still curing.

In addition, you have to be cautious of significant temperature changes from day to night. The paint will react and won't cure correctly if you have ideal temps during the day and then a sharp drop when the sun goes down. This can also result in the surface, which is not perfectly smooth and may even start to peel and break.

Further, you should also choose a time that is favourable for the labours who will be painting the house. For example, choosing to paint during mid or late summer will make it difficult for them to work in scorching heat. Similarly, the painting job will become challenging for the workers during the rainy or winter season. 

Is Spring the best time to paint your home exterior?

When you know when is the best time to paint the outside of your house, you can achieve the best results. Although the weather pattern varies from region to region, house painting in Melbourne mostly considers Spring to be the ideal season. Let's explore below why Spring is the best time for this task.

1. Warm Temperature

One of the primary reasons Spring is favourable for painting the home exterior is the warm temperature. Paint adheres better and dries more evenly in warm weather. The temperature typically ranges from 10 to 29 degrees Celsius. All these temperatures allow for the paint to cure properly and achieve its optimal finish.

You can consult Victoria Master Painting exterior painters in Melbourne to set the appropriate time for your home painting. They would surely avoid painting during colder months. The painting may result in poor adhesion and slow drying times. It leads to a less durable and visually inconsistent paint job.

2. No rainy climate

Spring is characterised by lower rainfall compared to other seasons. Hence, it is considered right for when is the best time to paint the outside of your house. Painting during a period of reduced rainfall minimises the risk of moisture-related issues. The paint will adhere properly to the surface without any blisters or peeling.

3. Humidity for painting

Moderate humidity levels in Spring create an optimal environment for painting. The paint dries at a steady pace, ensuring even drying. Moreover, reducing the chances of dirt or debris sticking to the wet paint. It results in a smoother and cleaner finish on the surface.

4. Not much windy weather

Spring typically experiences milder winds compared to other seasons. Painting in less windy conditions also minimises the risk of dust and debris getting trapped in the wet paint. Hence, it minimises the chance of having an uneven surface. This may require additional sanding and touch-ups. So with less wind, you can minimise such challenges to achieve a smoother and cleaner finish.

5. The weather is safe for painting

Unlike other seasons where the climate can be unpredictable in Australia, Spring offers a comfortable and safe working environment for painters. Extreme temperatures in winter or summer can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for painters. Spring's moderate temperatures allow for efficient and precise work, ensuring the safety of the painters. Additionally, extreme heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, leading to potential cracking or peeling.

6. Make home paint-ready for summer

Painting your home exterior in Spring helps prepare it for the upcoming summer season. Summer often brings increased outdoor activities, gatherings, and events, making it an ideal time to showcase a fresh and vibrant exterior. So by painting the house exterior in Spring, you ensure your home is ready to impress the guests. It would create a welcoming atmosphere during the summer months.

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How much time does it take to paint a house exterior?

When preparing to paint a house exterior, it is important to consider how long the task will take. Additionally, you need to make sure the walls are entirely dry and watch for a favourable weather prediction for the days after the painting.

 It's wise to save significant tasks like this for a time of year when the risk of severe weather is low. You don't want to postpone big projects due to weather disasters.

As your trusted exterior painters in Melbourne, Victoria Master Painting can complete the project for small to medium-sized houses within a week. Larger or more intricate homes may require additional time due to the complexity of the design.

Final Thoughts

Whether it's a small home or average, exterior painting can take time. Hence, it's good to conduct painting projects during the time of the year when the bad weather possibility is minimal. Summer is usually a good time to paint outdoors as there is less chance of rain, and the paint job will dry fast. But you can get perfect paint conditions during Spring and early autumn.

It would give you a perfect paint condition to achieve a good finish and save more time. If you want less hassle with exterior house painting, hire professionals from Victoria Master Painting. We will choose the right colour for you and use the right equipment and painting methods to give value for money.

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