Trending wall painting ideas that will elevate your home decor

Mar 08, 2024

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time. Hence, it’s an investment in your space to make it aesthetically beautiful and pleasing. 

But what is a home, really? Is it just the roof and four walls? However, that is what makes up for the largest part of your home. It is what gives its shape and form and makes it safe and cosy.

On a more sentimental ground, it is no less than a canvas where you can draw colours and paint memories. 

As far as the aesthetic goes, there’s all kinds of stuff that you can buy to make your walls look rich, artistic, and appealing.

Even if you don’t want to make it all fancy, there are plenty of simple house painting ideas that you can choose from to define your own style.

10 house painting ideas for a modern-looking space

To help you get creative and come up with your own design, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best home interior painting ideas that you can go with.

Keep it simple with solid/ plain colours

The elegance of a simple mono-colour scheme never gets old. With a single colour on one wall and something that blends well on another, or by adding a little shade to it, you can bring out the best of any colour. 

There are plenty of finishes you can try, too, from metallic to wooden to textile to stone finish. If not these, you can paint them in relation to the appliances and fixtures that the wall’s going to carry.

Go with patterns that suit the interior

Every house is different in one aspect: the INTERIORS! So, instead of considering the wall only, one should consider everything that’s going to be displayed on it. For example, the cabinets, bookshelves, windows, TV, lights, etc. 

Keeping that in mind will help you choose the best pattern to fit your walls as well as the whole room.

From symmetrical patterns such as squares, circles, rectangles, and stripes to abstract and arbitrary designs, everything depends on the architecture of the room.

Paint your walls in line with the ceiling

Apart from the walls, the ceiling, or the 5th wall, is perhaps the most important part of the room that catches the eye.

No wonder homeowners and builders alike pay special attention to it! Decorating it with concealed lights and chandeliers of all kinds.

Moreover, since the ceiling is the only place without appliances and fixtures, it makes it even more important to give it a more thoughtful colour and design.

Be it a single colour that stands out or the same colour as that of the feature wall, there are tons of ceiling painting ideas that you can think of.

You might also want to choose different shades for different sides of a partition to create a separate zone within a single room.

Give a statement look by emphasising your alcoves 

Highlighting your alcoves, such as the edges of a shelf, the frames of doors and windows, and smaller areas like corners and nooks, can actually bring out the best of an interior design.

If not for anything, it can actually define the rest of the colour scheme across the room.

It might also help you create your own little zones for different sorts of activities for maximum productivity.

Try vibrant and colourful geometric patterns to heighten the liveliness of your rooms

Using geometric designs on walls and ceilings is yet another way of painting your house.

Especially for spaces like the living room and bedroom, embedding a couple of unique geometric patterns or lines will add an extra layer of beauty to your house.

Give your walls a punch of nature with an ombre match

Going abstract isn’t the only popular way of making your home stand out. 

On the contrary, having a few shades of nature can do wonders for the overall appearance of your beloved home.

Whether it’s an oceanic effect, a feel of sunset, a lush green mountainous range, or a peaceful blue skyscape, there are dozens of home interior painting ideas that you can adopt from Mother Nature.

Don’t forget to paint the panelling

Although sober and spacious in the same colour as that of the walls, choosing separate colours for the panelling can actually enhance the entire features and architecture of your house. 

Doing this will give rooms and spaces a clear definition.

Modernise your walls with 3D painting

Another classic, or should we say neoclassical painting idea for houses, includes 3D shapes and designs that you can paint here and there.

Adding 3D graphics on the wall can make it look more entertaining and visually appealing. You can also do that in contrast to the shelves or light fixtures on the wall.

Use textures and floral prints to cover bigger walls

If you have relatively bigger walls than usual, you might also use different textures and painting styles to uplift your interior design.

For instance, age-old floral prints or similar adornments are very effective in taking away the dullness of a plain wall.

You can also use roller painting to give your walls a specific texture or draw a hand-painted pattern to showcase a meaningful art piece.

Adopt eco-friendly paints for a healthy environment

For our eco-conscious friends out there, there’s always the option of choosing eco-friendly or natural paints over traditional oil-based paints.

You might also want to get creative with watercolours and fluorescent paints to add a certain glow to your walls.

Final Takeaway

There are so many house painting ideas in the market that the list could go on and on. But the key to nailing the perfect design for your home lies in the type and size of the walls.

This is why it is only after you have painted your home in your mind that you start painting it in real.

The thumb rule is to look for balance regardless of what colours and textures you choose.

There are other minor details too, which should not be compromised or overlooked when painting your home. Hence, it is always better to contact the professionals to get the job done, as they have better tools and techniques to bring your house painting ideas to life.

After all, your house is the very art you live in. As such, there should be no compromise. Period!

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