What Time Of Year Is Best To Paint A House?

May 25, 2023

Are you selling your house, and it needs a fresh coat of paint to look new? Are you waiting for the best time to paint your house after renovation? If you are wondering when is the best time to paint inside your house, this article is for you. You should always choose weather during which the paint can dry off fast and give you excellent results and finish.

By hiring professional painters in Melbourne, you can get the interior and exterior of your house painted hassle-free. The interior of the house is different from its exterior, and there are different aspects that you need to take into consideration. The budget for the painting process and the time that you decide also determine how well your house looks after it.

Painting the house exterior

The exterior of your house is its identity, and it needs proper painting to look good. Exterior painting needs the help of house painters in Melbourne because it is difficult to paint on your own. The exterior of the house should be painted in warm weather. Weather conditions that can cause sudden rain spells or are too cold are not the right weather for the exterior painting process.

If you are going to paint the panels of the exterior wall, a sudden rain spell can lead to sagging and washing off of paint. Raining just after the paint has been applied can lead to a lot of streaking, which makes the paint finish bad. Therefore, it is best to paint the walls during the spring season or summer when the temperatures are warmer and there is a lesser chance of rain.

Even extremely cold weather is also not good for the finish of the house paint. Under extreme cold temperatures, the house paint will bubble up and ruin the look of the whole exterior. Cold temperatures can also lead to the cracking up of the paint coat and a bad finish. 

Finding the best season to paint the house flawlessly can be difficult. However, you should always wait for warmer temperatures and consult with paint experts.

Not only should you look at the temperature, but also the wind speed. High to medium-speed winds can ruin the look of the house by blowing twigs and other debris toward the wall. Hiring professional painters in Melbourne can help you choose the right time and the right paint for the job. 

You should consider the number of people who will do the work and the time it takes to complete the coat. The painting work should not extend for a long time. 

Painting the interior of the house

Once the exterior is painted, you will want to paint the interior of the house. Some people paint the interior if they renovate some parts of the house. The interior should be painted according to the advice of an interior designer. Interior painting is very different from exterior painting. The whole process needs a team of house painters in Melbourne who are specialised in the task.

Moreover, people like to play with textures, designs, and motifs inside their houses. For such cases, it is best to hire trained interior painters for your house. Talk to the team and their leader to decide when is the best time to paint inside your house. After consultation, choose the best weather conditions for interior painting.

While the warmer, less humid weather is best for exterior painting, the best weather for interior house painting in Melbourne is the colder winter months. Winter months are also good for painting the inside of the house because these months are slower, and you will get professional painters for interior house painting in Melbourne at a low cost. In the spring and summer seasons, people do a lot of spring cleaning and go for exterior painting.

Summer is the high-demand season which can raise the price of getting houses painted. Interior painting does not completely depend on sunlight and daylight, so you can get the painting done in the winter months. Indoor painting is also easier because it can be done at any time of a normal day. Indoor painting gets over faster if you have a dedicated team for the job.

If you choose a big team of painters, interior and exterior painting can happen at the same time. Two separate teams can work on the two parts of the house and get the job done at a faster rate. If you are selling your house and need a complete revamp, then you should choose a big team of painters for convenience. It can cost higher but yields great results.

If the parts of your house interior that need paint are small, then you can even paint certain areas on a do-it-yourself basis. However, for the best results and complex designs, we should always hire trained house painters for the job. Often interior designers have a network of trained teams of painters and contractors that you can get in touch with.

Best weather conditions for interior painting in winter because during the spring and summer holidays, your kids will be at home, and interior painting is not safe or convenient for them. After the schools open and your kids spend most of their time out of school, you can get the interiors painted without any disruption or hassle. However, if you do not have kids, you can definitely get the interiors painted in the spring or summer season.

When painting the interiors or the exterior, always pay attention to the humidity of the environment. Some days in summer can be humid. Humidity affects painting quality in a negative way. 

Therefore, spring is a good time to clean and prep the walls for painting. Getting the house painted just before peak summer can transform your home into a completely new holiday home.

However, you should beware of the demand and high prices painters charge during this time. Painting the home can be a huge task if professional painters do not do it. If you do not choose the best weather to paint the house, you might have to redo the paint. 

Redoing the paint can lead to additional costs and labour. Although painting the interior of your house is easier, knowing when is the best time to paint inside your house aids the process.


Look at the budget and goal of the painting job and then decide on the time and the team you hire. There are many painters and painting companies in Melbourne that will help you with the renovation of your house.

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