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Expert caulking and sealing services in Melbourne for a perfect finish on every joint, every project, every time!

At Victoria Master Painting, we offer both mid-range and high-quality sealants to suit your project. We also repair and maintain existing caulking to replace worn, discoloured or untidy seals on all surfaces using industry-standard tools and techniques.

Our consistently trained and licensed caulkers have over 25 years of experience in efficient and methodical handling of tasks on hand. We start by cleaning and preparing your surfaces using neutral fluids to avoid costly issues like bleeding, staining, uneven light reflection and corrosion. Even if your space has tricky areas like tight corners, long lines and around cabinetry, our expert applicators ensure a smooth and even finish. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all our services, timely completion of your project, and high-quality solutions.

By choosing Victoria Master Painting, you can opt for expert caulking and sealing services in Melbourne for your bathroom, kitchen and overall comfort. It helps prevent dust, allergens and mould, among other benefits. 

If you are looking for expert caulkers in Melbourne, get in touch with our caulking specialists today!

Professional sealing and caulking services in Melbourne and nearby areas

Victoria Master Painting offers all our caulking and sealing solutions at competitive rates in Melbourne without compromising on quality. We also offer discounts on larger jobs with high volume. Though caulking and sealants are often overlooked and are a small part of a project's overall cost, they can become major issues if there are leaks.

Caulking involves sealing joints in various structures and applying flexible sealing compounds to close gaps in buildings against water, noise, insects, vermin, air and dust. It also improves the appearance of buildings.

We take full responsibility for the quality of our work and provide advice on the best products for each job to ensure perfect results. Our goal is to offer the best service, advice, workmanship and products. All our applicators are professionally trained and experienced with industry-standard products and techniques.

Our domestic and commercial caulking services in Melbourne include:

  • Tiled areas

  • Bathrooms (tiles, mirrors, vanities, bathtubs, shower areas)

  • Flooring (skirting boards, tiles, floorboards)

  • Paving

  • Cladding

  • Windows and Door Frames

  • Kitchens

  • Pools (Pool Saw Cuts and Construction Joints)

  • Balconies

  • Silicone replacement

Why choose our silicone replacement services in Melbourne?

We specialise in practical and high-quality silicone solutions with the help of long-lasting sealant products to revive your old and worn-out tiles. Our quick turnaround time and extensive application areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, walls, benchtops, basins, shower surfaces, and more, make us the top choice for silicone replacement services in Melbourne.

When you reach out to our silicone replacement experts, we start with an obligation-free quote based on a thorough inspection. Once you decide to hire us, we thoroughly clean the area, removing all surface dirt and grime. We then apply our effective sealant products in your choice of colour, ensuring a clean and fresh look for your tiled spaces.

How will our reliable caulking and joint sealing service help your space?

Our joint sealing and caulking service is not just a maintenance task; it solves potential problems in your bathroom, kitchen and other wet areas. It's long-term protection against cracks and gaps that helps in:

  1. Preventing Leak Damage
  2. Reducing Dust and Allergens

  3. Saving on Energy Bills

  4. Improving Soundproofing

Invest in Melbourne's expert caulking and sealing services to strengthen your space.

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FAQs for caulking and sealing services in Melbourne

Get answers to common questions about caulking and sealing services in Melbourne.

  • How big a gap can caulk fill?
    Caulk can fill gaps up to ¼ inch with a single bead. If the gap is larger, fill it with caulk, let it dry and then add another layer. Using a foam backer rod for relatively larger gaps is the most suitable option. For gaps over 1/8 inch, it's recommended to use sanded caulk instead of regular caulk.
  • Which surfaces can be caulked?
    Caulking can be used on many surfaces like wood, metal, glass, concrete and masonry. It's often used around windows, doors, siding, baseboards and plumbing fixtures.
  • How long does caulking take to dry or cure?
    Caulking can take a few hours to several days to dry, depending on the type and how thick it is applied. However, the environment, including temperature and humidity, plays a significant role in this process, giving you some control over the drying time.
  • At what temperature can silicone caulk be applied?
    Our Silicone Caulk is best applied at room temperature.
  • How can I keep the caulking in good shape in the long term?
    Check caulking often for cracks or gaps, fixing them quickly if needed. Keep the area clean to avoid damage and avoid harsh cleaners that could harm the caulking.
  • Can I caulk on my own, or should I get professional help?
    While you can tackle small caulking projects yourself, it's important to remember that professionals like Victoria Master Painting's expert caulkers bring expertise that ensures the best results and longer-lasting seals. Caulking contractors have industry-standard tools and techniques to ensure the job is done right.

We value our customers!

At Victoria Master Painting, we value our customers and our top priority is to ensure their satisfaction. For this, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our caulking and sealing solutions. In our vast experience, we have served over hundreds of clients across Melbourne who continue to rely on us for high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

For more details relating to our solutions, get in touch with our experts today!

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Customer Feedback

Thanks to VMP Services for their professional and courteous service. The work speaks for itself! Amazing work, great value for money. You and your team provide consistent attention to detail with consideration of all aspects of the job. A special thanks to Billy and Mario who go the extra mile and take pride in their work. We highly recommend your services with our community friends and families. If you would like you can use this on your website with our full endorsement. All the best!

James and Sally

Billy and his team is a local family business, they did an excellent job on exterior painting in my house, they are very friendly and highly responsible on their jobs.

Uy Heang Te

Billy and the team came to my property and did my exterior in texture paint. They were very professional and affordable, and answered all my queries throughout the whole process. I am very happy with the end result and will gladly recommend them to anyone.

Michael Patris

Very happy with Billy and his crew, Mario Allan Mehdi and Simon are very professional And courteous. I find them to be very organised professional and they definitely do a top job, The exterior of my house has transformed completely everyone is complimenting on it on how good the house looks! Billy is organising everything and I’m very happy with the overall work, I highly recommend them. Definitely the 5 stars.


We couldn't be happier with the finished result - VMP have given our house a new lease on life, it looks brand new. Their attention to detail, especially during the extensive prep work was amazing! They worked extremely hard and were very friendly throughout the entire process. Thank you very much VMP, we love your work!

Nikolai Herbstritt
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