Exterior colour trends for your home for 2024

Mar 05, 2024

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s obvious that you would want to repaint or renovate your home. But before you make any decisions, it’s better to understand what’s trending in the market to be able to give your house the perfect makeover.

One thing you cannot miss when you’re up for renovation is the modern home exterior colour combinations. As the most visible side of your house, painting and furnishing your exteriors with the right colour scheme is of utmost importance should you want your property to stand out from the rest amidst the upcoming celebrations. 

There are many exterior paint colour schemes comprising various designs and colour combinations that you can choose for house exteriors. Top it up with a punch of creativity and imagination, and you, too, can make a statement from your home.

Without further ado, let us see what we have in store for you when speaking about some of the best 2024 exterior colour trends.

2024 exterior colour trends for your home

Continue reading to explore the trending modern house colour schemes exterior recommended in the new year. 

1. Keep it blue!

Blue is one of the most appealing and charming colours for house exteriors that you could think of. When used in the right manner, it can create a soothing effect of calm and luxury without giving up the air of peace and comfort.

Hues such as Bluebird and Renew Blue are some of the latest shades in modern house colour schemes exterior that you can try.

Combine it with other matchable shades of blue, and you can further elevate the visual appeal of your dream home. This can especially fit in Coastal or Mediterranean areas of Australia, where blue is the most prevalent.

2. Resonate it with nature (with green, blue, and brown)

Speaking of nature, blue ain’t the only colour that defines it. A few other colours that are nature-oriented and highly prevalent are brown, sand, and green.

Using different shades of these colours, which fully resonate with nature, can bring out the best of your property in relation to the surrounding ambience and landscape. 

For instance, cool, fresh, and forest-inspired shades such as Billiard Green or Military Green can provide a continuous and timeless appeal to your haven. Apart from making it look organic, it also provides your space with a breath of fresh air.

To add some royalty to your property, you can always experiment with some sober shades of brown, including sandy or beige.

3. Make it bright and shiny (like yellow, red, or orange)

Looking for something impactful and vibrant? Look no further than red hot or similar shades of yellow and orange.

As a trademark shade of retro 70s, a combination of hot orange and red hues can give your exteriors a nostalgic vibe of the post-modern era.

For example, the “Fluorescent Fire”, which is based on the scheme of orange and red, adds a certain flavour of dynamic vigour and warmth to your place.

Persimmon is yet another hue that is a perfect mix of earthy and vibrant and which changes its appearance throughout the day depending on the sunlight and weather.

The exterior paint colour scheme of red and orange may vary from light to dark, but most of them are guaranteed to give your space the much-needed energy and warmth on any given day.

4. Stay neutral and evergreen 

In the world of innovation, where modern home exterior colour combinations never run out of ideas, one thing that remains is the warm welcome of neutrals.

Whether it is a traditional house or ultra-modern furnished with high-end systems, the use of neutral paints in exteriors is always on the rise.

There are dozens of neutral exterior colour schemes like sandy, snowy, and misty that serve as a perfect base for strong highlights of rich colours should you want to experiment with original ideas.

On the other hand, neutral colours provide ample opportunity to play around with all sorts of textures and patterns of exterior paints.

5. Let there be White!

Perhaps the most neutral and versatile of all the colours for exterior painting is none other than white. 

As the most basic and eye-catching colour, white blends perfectly well with any other colour to give your house exteriors an aesthetically sound colour scheme. It also compliments the woodwork like that of doors, windows, and outdoor furniture to give your property a hint of class and royalty.

Some of the most popular white exterior paint colours include:

  • Pure White
  • White Dove
  • Oyster White
  • Snowbound &
  • Creamy

Regardless, a combination or mix of these shades can certainly give your house a warm, soft, light, and sometimes bright appearance for all and any occasion.

6. Try different shades of grey

No matter how much you try, the sober appeal of grey tones never runs out of style. Even if you have tried all the fifty shades, the limitlessness of grey never ceases to amaze. No wonder Grey dominates the neutral spaces in our homes like that of balcony, backyard, parking, and so on.

The best part, it matches with other evergreen colours such as white and blue to such an extent that you may never want to replace the grey in your house exteriors. All the while complimenting appliances, fixtures, and all things metallic.

Nevertheless, to keep it soft and warm, you should always choose lighter, sophisticated shades of grey on bigger walls and darker ones on trims, roof, and framework. If you don’t want it light, you can always switch to darker shades like that of charcoal and slate grey.

7. Go camouflage for a perfect hideout 

Choosing an exterior paint colour scheme that can overcome or hide certain flaws and imperfections like holes and cracks in your property is yet another trend, considering the cost of repair in modern housing.

Usually defined by dark colours on the exteriors, the purpose of camouflaging your home is to blend in well with the surroundings and also to make it more difficult to spot should you fancy a life of isolation.

Some of the most popular styles of camouflage revolve around patches and patterns of army green, brown, and grey.

Another benefit of using darker colours on the outside is their ability to absorb more sunlight when compared to lighter hues, which eventually helps reduce the overall heating costs in the winter.


When painting your house it is needless to say that colours lie at the very heart of it. It is what defines the space and gives you the emotional satisfaction of living in your own place in the very first place.

As such there should be no compromise or hesitation when selecting the best possible exterior paint color scheme for your home, even if you were to pay a little extra. 

To be practical, it is not something you’d be doing every year. And given the right quality of colouring material, you would not need to redo it anyway for years to come.

On that note, have a happy time painting your home.

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