Interior paint colour trends 2024

Jan 02, 2024

Trends in fashion, homewares, and house paint colours are transient by nature. Luckily, repainting your walls is no more a worry.

So, if you are considering a home repaint and curious about the prevailing interior colour trends 2024, this blog is for you. Our residential interior painters Melbourne experts explore and stay attuned to these trends and their effectiveness.

Interior Paint Colour Tips for 2024

Balance, connect, revive

When it comes to interior house painting, the 2024 paint colour trends are deeply inspired by Dulux’s Colour Forecast, which revolves around three primary palettes:

  •  Balance

Amid the hustling lives we all live, many of us seek tranquillity and stability, along with the little joys of life. The balance palette is for such people that unites your space through a mix of greens, blues, and hues of deep garnets. This palette is refined and grounded and enables you to achieve a touch of luxury through tactility.

This is combined with soft plush and lush velvets to add warmth to added and contemporary features. When it comes to materials and decor, modernity and sophistication are the key, inspired by nature-related patterns like ferns and seashells. This interior paint pattern looks complex yet minimalist.

  • Connect

It’s the key to a welcoming and golden as are warm, calm and deeply intertwined. The earthen tones used in this palette reflect a sense of simplicity, homeliness and natural beauty.

  • Revive

The Revive palette uses colours to uplift the inner being, bring harmony, and create designs around personal expression. The common colours in this palette include cobalt blues, glimmering emerald, lavender, and think peachy pinks.

Warm colours are at the core

Gone are the days of grey hues and Hamptons Blue. Warm undertones-based paints are catching the attention, including peach, brown, ‘dirty’ reds and burnt orange.

Experts are considering Brown as the overarching interior base. For instance, Namadij - a charcoal-Y colour with undertones of brown and inherent warmth is the best alternative to black or grey.

These hues are believed to bring comfort, making your home space more liveable.

Green everything

Unlike before, Green remains the most popular of the colour families. This year, expect to see it increasingly used as a neutral.

Green has exceptional neutrality that makes it go well with many shades. Pair it with tropical brights like mango, mauve, aqua, peach or understated, comfy neutrals.

Bold Reds

This year, Red is making a grand comeback. Unlike blush pinks that were all over the place for the last few years, richer and more energetic Reds will prevail in 2024.

Common shades of Red that will dominate 2024 include berry tones, bold magentas, wine hues, and darker reds like merlot and blackberry. Pair red accents with neutrals to highlight the colour.

Combine Warm and Cool tones

Homeowners prefer blending both warm and cool tones within a single room, incorporating contrasts like pairing green or turquoise with beige, introducing a lively, blue-tinged shade of purple to accentuate tan, or letting a deep green infuse a cooling effect into a warm brown palette.

The idea is to use things you love in a new colour combination to bring freshness and newness to your home space.

If you decide to blend warm and cool hues within the same room, ensure one tone should be prevalent than the other (overarching vision).

Colours that bring peace and comfort

Everyone wants to make their home cosy, inviting and comfortable. As such, shades that create a soothing environment with a touch of nature and are versatile for use in multiple rooms will be prevalent in 2024.

You may opt for colours like cosy White creates feelings of security and warmth and the sense of being in familiar surroundings. Moreover, a shade like Southern Red that is natural and grounded and embraces an organic lifestyle could be another choice.

Colours all over

While open floorplans have encouraged numerous homeowners to apply a single colour throughout their entire space, integrating varied hues into each distinct area, or introducing unexpected accents, empowers you to establish distinct visual zones for different sections of your layout.

People are now looking for inspiration to step outside of their colour comfort zone and try new shades, palettes and textures that they otherwise wouldn't have considered.

Break the rules

It’s a freewill time when homeowners can simply do what they want with their paint colours. Big brands are experimenting with vibrant and playful colour palettes.

Creating polychromatic Livewire using Orange Silken and Blue Sapphire, both of which complement each other like carrots and peas, along with a lot of White to make a breathing and liveable space. Further, using rich blue to paint a formal space or a dining room can spark lively conversation.

However, if vibrant and intense colours don’t match your taste, try mixing diversity through various textures. Wallpapers, metallic surfaces, and paints featuring a textured finish are also significantly impacting the current interior colour trends 2024.

Lastly, When it comes to ceilings, joinery, walls, or repurposed furniture, the path you take is entirely up to you.


Colour trends are not just about appearances but more about increasing the comfort we feel at home. Your goal should be to make your home space more like a liveable place by restoring its cosiness and warmth.

It’s up to you to choose from the above interior colour trends 2024 - a welcoming, lovely and cheerful earthy tone, a calming, soothing green, or the timeless black.

If you are dubious about a particular choice, try our colour visualisation tool and see how your selected interior paint colour will look on the walls of different rooms. And if the confusion still exists, don’t hesitate to consult our experts at Victoria Master Painting.

We will not just help you choose the right interior paint colour as per the trends but can beautify your home, maintaining the highest quality standards.

For more details or to get a free quote, call us anytime on 0435 754 330.

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